What’s included in the homeopathic consultation?

The initial appointment will take up to two hours. It is important that you tell me what is troubling you. I will listen carefully and take comprehensive notes. At the end of the session I will decide on your prescription and give you the remedy to take with you. If you have a complex case I will need to fully analyse your case after the session to decide which remedy is best for you. In this case the prescription can be collected from my practice or it will be sent to you by post.


My fees are as follows:

First Consultation: £85.00

Follow-up Consultations: £55.00

Fees include consultation and homeopathic remedies dispensed in tablet form. Additional items, such as a homeopathic cream or ointment and any remedies in tincture form, will be charged separately according to their cost.

Acute Prescriptions: £40.00

Postage & Packaging: Prescriptions sent by post within the UK are free of charge but a fee of £10 for P&P occurs for prescriptions sent to Europe and overseas.

*Please note that payments are due at the time of the consultation. 

Telephone Support
Should you need advice or experience any marked symptoms while taking your remedies, telephone support is available in between appointments. You are encouraged to call and discuss any concerns.

Telephone / Online Consultations
For patients unable to come to my practice I can offer telephone or online consultations via Skype, Google Meet, Zoom and WhatsApp in line with the above rates. These are prearranged slots whereby the patient phones at an agreed time. Remedies will then be sent by post.