This is what our clients say…

*Please note that these statements do not represent evidence but the personal opinion of the patients we have treated. These are written in their own words.

“Ulrike literally changed my life – my health is so much better and so is my vitality. And my partner is happier too as I no longer have those horrible mood swings! I came to her with severe hormonal problems. Through her gentle care and her thorough knowledge and effective methods of treatment using homeopathy, herbs and supplements I am 100% better. Thank you!”

Mrs M E, aged 46, London – September 2008


“I saw Uli just before the birth of my third child. She offered me wonderful antenatal support with homeopathy which I believe helped me to have a quick and calm birth in a natural birthing centre. I recovered from birth very quickly. After birth Uli not only supported me and my beautiful baby daughter with homeopathy but also offered great advice over children’s vaccination issues. I would certainly recommend Uli as a homeopath and will continue to visit her for myself and my children’s health.”

Mrs C B, Tunbridge Wells – October 2008


“I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy a few months ago. I went to the doctor to confirm that it was Bell’s Palsy and not a minor stroke, which he did. He prescribed steroids (taking 12 a day!) which I was not happy about, and even though I insisted that I did not want to take steroids I was not offered any alternative. Ulrike was recommended to me as a homeopath to treat this condition and I must admit that after one week of taking the homeopathic medication the condition improved by at least 50% and by the second week the improvement was 80%. By the third week the condition was totally cured! Judging by comments on various websites regarding Bell’s Palsy it can take from six months to three years to improve. Needless to say that I am totally happy to recommend her as a homeopath. Thank you so much, Uli, for restoring my health!”

Mrs F S, aged 65, Crowborough – December 2008


“After my husband died I had a number of both immediate and ongoing health problems and, for the first time, I chose to rely almost entirely on homeopathy to help. Through her skill and patience, Ulrike has restored me to good health and continues to be a wonderful support. It makes all the difference to know that she takes the time to listen and respond with the best possible remedies and that she really cares about as her patient.”

Mrs F W, Ashford – June 2009


“It took the serious illness of a good friend of mine to see the limits of conventional medicine and how, if it can’t make you better, it may end up making you seriously worse. I attended one of Uli’s First Aid Courses which I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, especially parents of young children. It provided me with a good understanding of the main remedies and their practical uses in everyday situations, be it to treat a fever, an insect bite or even a bout of anxiety. But what I appreciate above all else is Ulrike’s intelligent and level-headed practical approach. As a trained intensive care nurse she has a solid grounding in medicine and pathology which she combines with a true passion for her patients. She is that rare homeopath who has first-hand experience of both conventional medicine and homeopathy, and appreciates that both have their place and uses. A truly complementary therapist in the best sense of the word who inspires great trust in her patients.”

Mrs D S, Southborough – May 2010


“Ulrike is genuinely caring and a very good listener. I found it easy to open up to her. This, combined with her extensive knowledge of both conventional medicine and homeopathy, enables her to very quickly uncover the underlying root of any health issues and to prescribe the best possible remedies. After having suffered from recurrent sinusitis with associated headaches for almost two years and taking the homeopathic remedies prescribed by Ulrike I can happily say that I am no longer troubled by any headaches. Plus, I am able to smell again. What a relief! I would highly recommed her to anyone who is considering homeopathy.”

Mr D H, Tunbridge Wells – February 2012


“Dear Uli, I wanted to say thank you so much for all your support with Frank.
When we first met up to discuss Frank, he was 9, had 2 exclusions from school and was very difficult to manage and had been since birth. He was being assessed for ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) and ADHD. As a family we were desperate for help and had been passed around many different professionals with very little progress.
Frank began a programme with you in February 2013 and in the last 6 months has changed dramatically. This has been noted by teachers, friends and family and perhaps most importantly – himself.
He has become positive, enthusiastic, happy, able to cope and better manage his anger and frustration. Previously he was sullen, argumentative, negative and angry.
His sense of humour has evolved, he has more confidence in himself and is far more aware of his feelings.
Thank you Uli, for all the time, effort and support you have put into helping Frank, we really appreciate what you have done for him.”

Mr and Mrs NT, Tunbridge Wells – October 2013


“All hail Ulrike Holzer of Lotus Homeopathy !
I finally admitted to her yesterday how utterly, desperately tired I’ve felt for months, just completely depleted of energy. I took her remedy at bedtime and slept from midnight till around 5am and then – out of bed (I am usually awake before 5 but struggle to get up before 7), cleared a drawer, cleared a cupboard, did the dishes from night before, hoovered several rooms and stairs (including cobwebs from the ceiling), and sorted some admin by 7. Then brought Dom some tea, painted my nails and blew dry my hair for a change. Really, I feel like a normal woman – doing the things that most women do every day, but today without feeling I have to sit or lie down every 20 minutes. Been going up and down the stairs at the theatre today, as usual, but with a spring in my step, rather than dragging myself up by the handrail.
She also advised me to get my GP to test my blood again for thyroid levels and other things which might be causing the tiredness, which I will do.
But really, I feel better today than I have after months of SSRI and a course of CBT.
I actually had a compliment from a colleague today, saying I looked well – she thought I had been ill for the past several weeks (I looked so tired) but I must be cured as I looked so much better today!
This is the second remedy that I have had from Uli which has made a real difference to my well-being. And the Sepia seems to really help control the hot flushes, too.
That’s enough of my health history..back to work.
Thank you, Uli.”

Mrs G O, Tunbridge Wells – November 2014


“I have been coming to Uli for around 8 years with various mild health issues all of which she has and continues to help me with. My main issue a couple of years ago was with recurrent shingles in my eye which was incredibly painful. I didn’t like taking the prescribed conventional medicines as after a while they didn’t seem to help. I also paid to have the shingles vaccination but it still kept coming back every few months! Uli prescribed me the homeopathic version of the conventional medication which I duly took each time the shingles returned and along with Euphrasia pillules and eye drops the shingles disappeared quite quickly and never got to the point where I was in too much pain. It was still coming back every few months though so Uli suggested I took the tablet daily and since then, thank goodness, I haven’t had shingles once. I now have a homeopathic First Aid Kit that is the first thing I turn to if any of my family are unwell and Uli is always on hand to suggest a remedy if I am unsure.”

Mrs B M, Uckfield – December 2015


“Uli has been a wonderful help and support to myself and my family.  Her extensive knowledge of conventional and homeopathic medication has been invaluable.  Her skill and expertise has restored me to good health after a very serious diagnosis, and also through bereavement.
Uli has also been a great help to my two young grandchildren – she is very kind and understanding.
I cannot praise Uli too highly.”

Mrs P H, Tunbridge Wells – October 2016


“I met with Uli after quite a long period of feeling very low and depressed.  I am normally a very positive person, but I didn’t feel in control of my mental state and was sinking further into a depressive state, until I met Uli.  My initial consultation lasted an hour, with Uli listening intently to me and asking gentle, probing questions to help her understand the progression of my deteriorating mental health, without judging anything I said, just listening.  The consultation process was in itself helpful for me to verbalise how I was feeling and why. After an hour, Uli prescribed a selection of different remedies for each aspect of my mental state.  Within 24 hours of taking the remedies, I felt as though a heavy weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  My outlook was positive again and my demeanour was light and calm, which was noticed by family and friends.  I met with Uli for shorter sessions over the next few months and we adjusted the remedies to reflect my changing state.  I cannot recommend Uli highly enough.  She has a calm energy, a caring and authentic heart and a deep knowledge of the power and practise of homeopathy and how it works”.

Mr I N, Crowborough – August 2019